Scenes from a Tent by Wendy Elkins

I’ve been cleaning out old blog posts from my first blog. I found this one and thought I’d share. It was written in January of 2009 by Wendy. She and I only had three kids then. Enjoy this blast from the past!


So, today was a shock to my system.  I had all three kids to myself, ALL day long.  I probably shouldn’t whine, but I’m out of practice.  Jackson is usually in school all day and then twice a week Julianna is in preschool.  To make matters a little bit more challenging, it’s very icy outside, so we can’t go anywhere.  Yikes!  By 9:30, we had watched a little TV, played with some play-doh, put stickers all over ourselves, and destroyed the upstairs.  Still a long way until 5pm when Jeff gets home.  While the kids moved into Julianna’s room, I had a brainstorm…build a tent.  But not just any tent, a tent that will completely cover the majority of Jackson and Logan’s room!  I wanted it to be a surprise, so I told the kiddos not to leave Sissy’s room (sissy being Julianna) until it was complete.  Of course, Jackson’s concern was if I was really going to be able to pull off something fun…HELLO!?!?  The vote of confidence was overwhelming.  So with some tape, hairbands, hammer and nails…and of course some fanagling of dresser drawers…this was my creation.


This is the entry door…and yes, I do fit through there!


winter-2009-015This is our skylight.  Not intentional, but I told the kids it was on purpose.

Once I was finished, I invited the kids in and the craziness began.  We had so much fun.  We laid out beds (don’t ask me why my children love to pretend it’s nap or sleepy time).  We had snack, read books, Logan had some nudey time, and I even made up some stories about trolls.  Let me tell you, I am not good at making up stories, but Jackson was so into it, I couldn’t stop.  My second story was based on the Chronicles of Narnia/Lord of the Rings.  After my fill, I left them alone.  It was a very rewarding mommy day.  I know they’ll hold this day forever in their little beating hearts…NOT!!!





Logan was so sweet…he didn’t want to get his picture taken, so he cried the whole time, but he never got up either.  Too cute.  I love these guys.

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