Queen of the Fallen

qotf_cover_1800x2700jpgMy friend and fellow author, Brian Rella, has a new book available for sale today. I’ve gotten a copy and I’m excited about reading it. Brian is a fantastic writer. Please go and check it out.

To get a copy of the book, click here.

To entice you to grab a copy – below is a sample from the book. Enjoy!



OCTOBER 26, 2015


The sweet nectar from the King of the Fallen flooded her veins, anesthetizing her fragile mind and her wounded body. Tangled in the mesh of His embrace, Nssu cradled His princess in His many limbs, and kissed her softly. She moaned as His teeth sank into her. Her mind drifted with His, safely away from the memories of her most recent battles. He spoke to her in the dreamlands between the juncture of their worlds, His voice and clasp a soothing cushion on the hardness of her life in the land of the living.

You are safe in my arms, my princess. I will heal you once again and you will remember that only I am with you in this life; only I am true to you; only I am your King and protector.

She could not respond in her rapture. She was drifting away from His consciousness, like a puff of smoke in the air. Nothing was real. It was all a dream. Her tortured life was someone else’s nightmare; the demons at her command were someone else’s; her battles with the Watchers clippings from some other person’s life, manifested in her ethereal state. She would wake at any moment and be back in her father’s arms, like that day on the playground not so long ago.

Her withdrawal from the truth of their bond concerned Nssu. He loosened His grip and withdrew slightly from her, intending to bring her focus back to Him. She was taking the euphoria He injected her with too far; taking it to a place where their true purpose was forgotten, content to lose herself in Him.

Come back to me, princess. You are mine and I am yours, and this is all real. His heart-shaped body thundered a rhythm around her, trying to wake her from her self-delusions. Do not slip so far from me, Jessie. Remember who you are. Remember who I am. Remember what we must do.

The video clip of the other person’s life faded and she merged with His memories again, becoming one with them, understanding that it was she and not someone else who was living this life. Yet as she returned to reality, she fought against His thoughts and words, her true self returning to the fore of her mind. Who had she become? What was she doing? An image of her father penetrated her mind once more. She reached for her father, and pushed Nssu away.

No, Nssu. I do not want this! This is not me. Let me go back to my father. I do not want this life. I want to be free of the pain. Do not make me. Please…

His voice was deafening in her mind, and a spiking pain shot to her core. Nssu gripped her tightly, choking the thoughts of her father and past life out of her. She was as a child rolled into a ball, holding her hands over her ears. Her screams vibrated in her throat, but could not be heard over the explosions of His heartbeat in her head.

Stop! Please! You are hurting me…

Immediately the thunderous heartbeat fell away to a soft rhythm, and His grasp on her became gentle and supple. She was still stiff from the shock of His anger, and He comforted her in the network of His vein-like arms.

You must free me, Jessie. You must bring me back to the land of the living. You do not understand the danger. You do not know, but you must.

Tell me, Nssu. What is it?

There is one who has come into the world who will attempt to destroy me. If he succeeds, he will destroy me and everyone I love, including you, my princess.

There is no going back. Your father is dead—that life is gone. You must free me and help me. He is the One from the prophecy of Razmus. He must be stopped, and only you and I can stop him—together.

My father…is dead…

The pain of that day came back to her in an instant. She shuddered. The air left her lungs in a gasping sob. She saw the images from that dreadful day, the day that changed her world for the worst forever after.

The police officer coming to the door…

The look on her mother’s face as she fell in a heap on the floor…

The casket being lowered into the ground while she stood by her mother’s side, dressed in her best church clothes.

She had squeezed her mother’s hand, but her mother had pulled her hand away, unable to comfort her. And Jessie was left alone. Alone that day, and for many days after. Her father gone. Her mother absent. The men that had come and gone, filling one hole or another in her mother. But no one had been there for Jessie. And that pain, the pain of being without her father, of being alone, unwanted, and unloved, was deeper, and harsher, than any pain before or now. And Jessie had felt that pain for a long time, until He had found her. Until Nssu had spoken to her, and showed her how it felt to be cared for again. Showed her how He…loved her. And she was pulling away from Him, deluding herself with falsehoods. She cursed herself for being such a child, and the anger began to build inside of her. Anger at herself for her childish wishes, and rage at the threat to the only one that truly loved her.

Who? Who is this monster? I will strangle him with my own hands. I will destroy him. I—

He is a prophet of great power, marked by the Creator, and given the pure light of the Creator to combat me and my kind. He will come among the living and will destroy me and all that I am. He will doom me to exile unless you help me, my princess. Will you help me? Will you help me defeat him? Will you help free me from this prison and return to the land of the living, so that we can be together forever and rule over this wretched world, reshaping it to our imagining? Will you be with me, Jessie?

The tears flowed freely down her cheeks. He needed her as much as she needed Him. And He loved her. And He had proven His love to her. And she had wanted to deny Him, deny Him the very heart of His desire. To be free. To be among the living. To be with her.

Forgive me, my King. I am yours, as always. We will destroy this One. Tell me where he is. Tell me what I must do. I will destroy him for the both of us, and bring you forth into the land of the living.

His mouths gently suckled her and spread His venomous poison through her in a wave of gratitude. She moaned passionately at the darkness that seeped into the deepest places of her body and soul.

I will know when he has come. But first, you must free another to help us. He shall raise an army so great, none shall stand in our way, not even the One.

Who is he, my King? Tell me, how can I find him?

He is known by many names. Some call him Dalkhu, others call him The Dead One. He is Shepherd of the Soulless, and he is close. I will heal you and then you shall find him. For now, you must rest and heal. A great journey and challenge await you, my princess. Are you ready? Will you help me?

I will, my King.

Again, to get your copy of Queen of the Fallen, click here.

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