Exciting News!

12commandmentssmallI’ve got some exciting news.

My newest novel, The Twelve Commandments, is available for pre-order on Amazon (click here).

Over the next several days it will also become available in paperback at Amazon, and as an e-book in the Apple store, at BarnsandNobel.com, and Kobo.

Two cool things I think you’ll want to know.

First, for the next five weeks, the e-book will only be 99 cents. After that, the price will go up.

Second, if you buy the book between now and the end of March, I’ll send you a special book of over 30 pictures of places in Baltimore that inspired the series.  This isn’t a book I’m selling. It’s something I made as a “thank you” to everyone who buys a copy early. To get the special picture book, buy a copy of the Twelve Commandments and then shoot me an email at jffelkins@gmail.com.

Here is a brief description of the book:

Dropped into a world of violence, homelessness, and ruthless killers, Jose has a lot to learn. As the youngest member of a secret society charged with protecting the city of Baltimore, Jose must earn the trust of his partner and find the courage to fight if he and the city are going to live to see another day. The 12 Commandments is a fast-paced supernatural thriller filled with intense action, entertaining characters, and terrifying beasts. This urban fantasy story will keep you engrossed all the way to the last page.

Go and grab your copy!

Then send me and email and let me know so I can send you the “Thank You” picture book.

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