All the Links! All the Gifts! All the Things!

12commandmentssmallI’m so excited!

My new book is now available in all the places!

It helps me as an author get noticed by new readers if people get copies of the book within its first month of its release, so to encourage you to get a copy now, if you pick up a copy before March 31st, I will send you a copy of a new book I’ve put together called The Defense of Reality: A Look Behind the Scenes.

This short book looks at 10 different settings I use in the series. It provides some commentary on why I chose the setting and then provides pictures I took of the real life locations. There are over 35 pictures in the book. I took them all from the perspectives of the characters in the story.

To get your copy of the free book, send me an email at telling me that you’ve ordered your copy of the Twelve Commandments. 

Also, someone told me they were waiting to read Mencken and the Monsters first. If that is holding you up, don’t let it. The two books can stand alone (and I think the Twelve Commandments is better – so start there).

Thanks again for reading!

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