You Should Listen to PJ

PJ is an amazing singer-songwriter. She came up on my Spotify feed in February and I immediately fell in love with her work. Her lyrics are raw and honest, her melodies are catchy and get stuck in my head, and her music is exceptionally produced. Lately, I’ve grabbed all the songs she’s got on Spotify and put them in a playlist that I listen to on repeat, which I think makes me a super-fan.

Here are a few songs I love:

These Lines

This song should be the ballad for indie writer’s (or anyone walking a nontraditional route). Her chorus nails it.

These lines are made for breaking out. These boxes are made for blowing up out. These lines are made for crossing. These boxes are made for breaking out. 

But the bridge brings it home for me.

I used to do what they wanted. I’d always do what they told me. Now I know none of it’s for me.

When I finished my first novel I followed the rules I’d been given and started querying agents. My emails were met with auto-responses that said they would respond in three to nine weeks if they liked my work. Many also had rules about not sending your work to other publishers or agents. That felt absolutely insane to me and it’s what drove me to the indie writing world.


This song is just stupid fun for me. I am the least gangster man in the world, and there are times when I wish I could change that, especially when something frustrating happens. I wish I wasn’t so damn reasonable. Even though I realize this is only a daydream, that I am who I am and it’s not gangster at all, the song is still fun to listen too.

Nickles & Dimes

Five kids who all need things that cost money. Spent 15 years living on just my pastor’s salary. Still barely have enough to get by. This song is my life.

The chorus is:

It don’t make sense how it works out. We just know that it does. And it don’t always make sense now, but know, it always adds up. Nickles and Dimes. 

And the first verse hits home:

Crazy. When I woke up this morning I was still in debt. I’m still waiting on a check. Got home and there’s still bills from last week sitting in the mail that I haven’t paid yet… But everybody going through it. Everybody going through it. Everybody going through. 

Then at the bridge, she changes things up with:

Rent due. Now cell phone payment too.  Rent due. Our car insurance too. Rent due. Now health insurance too. Rent due. Now car payment too. 

That’s the cycle I think everybody in the world is living it. I love how she puts words to the stuff we are all too embarrassed to talk about.

You can follow PJ on Twitter: @justpeej

Her music is available in all kinds of places. You can find them all on her website:

Each month I write a newsletter in which I share a playlist of the music I’ve been listening to while I write. (Subscribe to my free newsletter by clicking here.) 

Here’s a few more of her songs I think you should check out:

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