7 Fun Things About Saving Deborah

My newest novel, Saving Deborah, went up for sale today. To celebrate the book’s release, I thought I’d let you in on some behind the scenes info.

No spoilers. I promise.

The story follows Miriam and Simon as they search New York for Miriam’s long-lost sister, Deborah. Our heroes travel to New York thinking they are going to find Deborah addicted to drugs and trapped under the thumb of an abusive boyfriend. What they encounter instead sends them on a surprising and suspenseful journey.

You can find the book in the following places:

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Click here to get it from Kobo.
Click here for a Barns & Noble copy.
Click here for the paperback.

Here are seven behind-the-scenes insights into the book.

The idea for this book started before I published the first book in the series.

Before publishing Mencken and the Monsters (the first book in the Defense of Reality series), I was writing short stories. One of those stories was called, “Simon and the Magic Box.” It was about two friends that stole a magic box and ran away to New York to save their sister. Although Saving Deborah only took me three months to write, I’ve been toying with the idea of the story for two years.

Deborah was originally a victim and the book was super sad.

In the first draft of the plot, Deborah was a victim of sex trafficking. The story was intended to take the reader into that world. It was a really heavy and dark book and I was struggling to write it. I was complaining about this to some people I work with who also love the series, and they agreed that after Mencken and the Lost Boys, they did not want a sad book about sex trafficking.

So I went back to the drawing board. In the new version, Deborah is a powerful force to be reckoned with who has taken control of her life before Miriam and Simon show up to rescue her. This version of Deborah is far more engaging and the book is way more fun.

The book takes place in one day.

For my own entertainment, I really wanted to write a book that was action-packed and took place in one day. The book opens with Miriam and Simon getting on a train in Baltimore early in the morning. It ends with Miriam and Simon getting back on the train that night.

The book is one long chase scene.

From the opening until the second to last chapter, Miriam is chasing her sister. Even though they stop and talk and meet up with each other, in my mind, the book is one long chase scene.

The book brings back old characters.

This book, more than any of the others, has surprise visits from old characters. Chris (from Becoming Legend, The 12 Commandments, and Mencken and the Monsters) returns in this story. Also, Enoch from Becoming Legend is a major part to play in Miriam and Simon’s journey.

Four new heroes are introduced.

In the first four books of the series, there have been three Gracanjo (the homeless superheroes assigned to protect cities around the world from alien monsters) killed. In this book, we meet their replacements. These three new characters quickly became my favorite characters of the series and we will hear more from them in future books. Additionally, I bring the Gracanjo of New York into the story, which is also fun.

The beginning of the end.

Saving Deborah marks a turning point in the series plot. The series to this point has had The Tinker’s Box in the background:

  • It is introduced in Becoming Legend,
  • mentioned in the 12 Commandments,
  • is the reason for the battle in Mencken and the Monsters,
  • and is the center point of Mencken and the Lost Boys.

In Saving Deborah, things change concerning the box that will have major consequences for the next two books in the series.


Again, go and grab the book. It is on sale today.

To celebrate the release of Saving Deborah, all week the ebooks in the rest of the series are 60% off. Here are all the places those books are available:

The Defense of Reality Series


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