Exciting News!!!

I’m really excited. I’ve been working on my first audiobook since January and it is finally out. Mencken and the Monsters the audiobook is available on Audible and iTunes. The book is narrated by the amazing Matu Threatt. He does a fantastic job of transporting you into Mencken’s world. His voice is perfect for Mencken. I’m really proud of the performance he has done. Here’s … Continue reading Exciting News!!!

An Examination of Romans 13 and its Recent Use by Attorney General Jeff Sessions

On Thursday (June 14, 2018), during a speech about immigration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions took time in a speech on immigration to address concerns raised by “our church friends” about children being separated from their parents at the border by immigration. Attorney General Sessions said, “I would cite you to the Apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13 to obey the … Continue reading An Examination of Romans 13 and its Recent Use by Attorney General Jeff Sessions

7 Fun Things About Saving Deborah

My newest novel, Saving Deborah, went up for sale today. To celebrate the book’s release, I thought I’d let you in on some behind the scenes info. No spoilers. I promise. The story follows Miriam and Simon as they search New York for Miriam’s long-lost sister, Deborah. Our heroes travel to New York thinking they are going to find Deborah addicted to drugs and trapped … Continue reading 7 Fun Things About Saving Deborah

The Great Spring Giveaway!

I’ve got some exciting news! The Great Spring Giveaway of 2018 has begun! The Grand Prize Winner will receive: Signed copies of Mencken and the Monsters, the 12 Commandments, and Mencken and the Lost Boys. A $10 Star Bucks gift card (because you need coffee to read). Plus three more novels that I find inspiring. That’s six novels and a $10 gift card to the … Continue reading The Great Spring Giveaway!

A Moment in the Park (Saving Deborah Chapter Four)

The story that follows is a rough draft of chapter four in Saving Deborah (the fifth book in the Defense of Reality Series). Please excuse all typos.  Miriam looked up and down the street, trying to get her bearings. Central Park was to her right. Large tenant buildings towered above them across the street. She caught a glimpse of the street sign at the corner … Continue reading A Moment in the Park (Saving Deborah Chapter Four)