“And Promise Never to Come Back”

I was a freshman in college, it was weeks away from Christmas break, and I was standing in my vocal performance teacher’s office. To my right was my accompanist, a slender redhead named Katelyn who I’d met on the first day of classes. She was at an upright piano with my music displayed in front of her. Her fingers gracefully played “Down Among the Dead … Continue reading “And Promise Never to Come Back”

Mornings with Joe

This story was originally published on Medium.com as part of their emphasis on the homeless. Read the original story by clicking here. Because we were young and didn’t fully understand how the world worked, based on the recommendation of the church’s leadership, we’d bought a house we couldn’t afford that was too trashed to live in, and we were stuck. We couldn’t move in until … Continue reading Mornings with Joe

Spencer the Laughing Bum

The following memory was originally shared on Medium.com. This week they are having a focused look at homelessness. You can read the original post here. “The service starts in 20 minutes. You need to do something about him,” my boss said. “He’s not hurting anybody,” I said, not looking up from the tray of muffins I was arranging for the coffee station. Usually Pastor Ryan … Continue reading Spencer the Laughing Bum