The Cross Shaped Room

(The image above found via Creative Commons) Sadness saturated the sanctuary’s air.  The room was designed to seat two-hundred people, but only eleven were present.  The church’s layout was traditional—pulpit at the intersection of a cross-shaped floor plan; five-row choir loft in the apse; worn, light brown pews filling the transepts and nave.  I sat to the right of the stage.  My two team members … Continue reading The Cross Shaped Room

A Father’s Daily Decision

“What an asshole,” he ranted to himself as he pounded out an email on his laptop. He sat at the kitchen table, his laptop jammed between the cluttered remains of dinner. It was spaghetti night. Four small, plastic, bright-colored, kid’s plates filled with hardening, half-eaten noodles were scattered about. Each accompanied by a red stained fork and partially finished plastic glass of milk. Spots of … Continue reading A Father’s Daily Decision