Naming God (Passed Over Passages)

Selecting a name is a big responsibility. It demands consideration and thoughtful discussion. It’s an art. Not a task to be taken lightly. How We Pick Names Selecting a name for our first child was difficult. We debated multiple options. For the most part, I would suggest a name, Wendy would consider it, and then Wendy would veto it. I suggested Zion. She vetoed because, she … Continue reading Naming God (Passed Over Passages)

Abraham in Egypt (Passed Over Passages)

Our current church culture fights against us appreciating the Bible as a complex story. Our devotionals and small group studies focus on squeezing from the text drops of practical application. Our texts are divided by artificial paragraph headings and tiny numbers that encourage us to break the book into tiny pieces; and we’ve become accustom to using those sections as tools to enforce our entrenched … Continue reading Abraham in Egypt (Passed Over Passages)