The Wench of the East and the Knights of Swallow’s Glen

  Quick Warning – this story is about kids dealing with illness. I guess that’s just what’s on my mind. This short story was written in response to the prompt: Jill pushed the man aside, stepping over his cloak. She rapped on the door three times and said, “Open it now or I burn the whole place down.”   Jill scaled the rope ladder so … Continue reading The Wench of the East and the Knights of Swallow’s Glen

The Date

Susan smiled at herself in the mirror.  “Not bad,” she thought.  She gathered her hair into a ponytail and then let it fall around her shoulders again, scrutinizing each style. She couldn’t remember it it was up or down when Brad had asked her out.  She pulled it into a ponytail with her left hand, turned her face to the side, and looked at herself … Continue reading The Date

Melp Meets the Army

I’m in the process of writing book 3 in the Defense of Reality series. Below is my rough draft of the first chapter (warning: unedited). It picks up right before the last chapter of Mencken and the Monsters. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, I’d love to hear them in the comments. Enjoy! Melp Meets the Army Melp’s mouth hung open at the rows upon rows … Continue reading Melp Meets the Army

“And Promise Never to Come Back”

I was a freshman in college, it was weeks away from Christmas break, and I was standing in my vocal performance teacher’s office. To my right was my accompanist, a slender redhead named Katelyn who I’d met on the first day of classes. She was at an upright piano with my music displayed in front of her. Her fingers gracefully played “Down Among the Dead … Continue reading “And Promise Never to Come Back”