Clovis’ Magic Camera

This story was originally published for The Weekly Knob in “If one more kid comes in here and shows me a goddamn landscape, I swear, I will fucking lose it,” Andy said as the interviewee stepped out of the conference room. “I’m with you,” Mike said as he flipped through the pile of resumes on the table in front of them. Andy rubbed the … Continue reading Clovis’ Magic Camera

The Three Brothers

I wrote this story for a publication on that publishes Grimm Fairy Tales retold. Click here to read the original story this short is based on. ————- The following eulogy was given at the funeral of George, John, and Thomas Simpson. Thank you for coming today. I know my brothers would appreciate you being here. It feels weird, them just laying up here in front, … Continue reading The Three Brothers

The Crossword

I originally wrote this story as part of a writing challenge on Click here to see the original. ————————- “One across. The hurdle to pass before starting a project. Four letters. Abbreviation,” Kelly said. “No good morning?” Ian asked. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs to watch her. Kelly was sitting at the kitchen table. Steam rose from the large mug of … Continue reading The Crossword