A Growing Pile of Questions

“I’ve just got one more question,” Jamie said, taking a swig from his freshly filled coffee cup. The café was empty, so we’d received an absurd amount of attention from our waitress. If I sipped from my mug, she was there to top it off a few seconds later. Our experience had been the same the past three Tuesdays. Jamie and I had picked the … Continue reading A Growing Pile of Questions

The Cross Shaped Room

(The image above found via Creative Commons) Sadness saturated the sanctuary’s air.  The room was designed to seat two-hundred people, but only eleven were present.  The church’s layout was traditional—pulpit at the intersection of a cross-shaped floor plan; five-row choir loft in the apse; worn, light brown pews filling the transepts and nave.  I sat to the right of the stage.  My two team members … Continue reading The Cross Shaped Room