Building the Final Battle

Today, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my writing process. I’m on my third novel now and I’ve fallen into a pattern: I lay out the entire plot on a timeline and a spreadsheet. I then write everything but the final climax scenes (usually the last three to four chapters). Next, I  rewrite everything but the final climax scenes. For the last two … Continue reading Building the Final Battle

An Update on my Newest Novel – The Cover

Two weeks ago I put up a post asking for your help picking a cover for my new book, Mencken and the Monsters. I’ve been working on the book for almost a year. I knew I wanted to release the book in September. At the end of June I realized that if I was going to meet that goal, I needed to work harder, so … Continue reading An Update on my Newest Novel – The Cover

A Manifesto

Because I have found myself in a rapidly evolving culture, I accept that the institutions, traditions, academically learned philosophies, and behaviors instinctually gleaned from my elders – the rituals and rules around me – may serve as less productive tools than they did for the generations before me. I am aware that  these rituals and rules, while comfortable and safe, might smother, rather than empower … Continue reading A Manifesto

Becoming Writer

WHEN I MET JOE… Two years ago my life was different. I was working as a change agent for a church, helping to found a charter school, and building a unique church community (a “missional neo-monastic community” for all my fellow theology nerds). While this different life was incredibly rewarding, it was also filled with anxiety and self-doubt. Who was I to be leading the principal hiring committee for a progressive … Continue reading Becoming Writer

Publishing Without Permission

Tonight I prepare to break standards and venture into unorthodox territory. I’ve written a novel. It took me a year-and-a-half. Eighteen months of hammering away on my keyboard – creating, editing, deleting, rewriting. It’s been challenging work. The novel isn’t completely done. It’ll never be completely done. I’m learning the truth of Da Vinci’s statement, “Art is never finished, only abandon.” I could continue to … Continue reading Publishing Without Permission

Publishing Part Two – Why I Self Publish

In my last post I laid out the myth of traditional publishing and began to share reflections on a recent podcast by Jeff Goins. In the podcast Jeff interviewed Chad Allen, the Editorial Director for the Baker Publishing Group (one of the “Big Five” publishers). Click here to go back and read the post. In the podcast, Mr. Allen explained there are three things he looks … Continue reading Publishing Part Two – Why I Self Publish