The Great Spring Giveaway!

I’ve got some exciting news! The Great Spring Giveaway of 2018 has begun! The Grand Prize Winner will receive: Signed copies of Mencken and the Monsters, the 12 Commandments, and Mencken and the Lost Boys. A $10 Star Bucks gift card (because you need coffee to read). Plus three more novels that I find inspiring. That’s six novels and a $10 gift card to the … Continue reading The Great Spring Giveaway!

Building the Final Battle

Today, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my writing process. I’m on my third novel now and I’ve fallen into a pattern: I lay out the entire plot on a timeline and a spreadsheet. I then write everything but the final climax scenes (usually the last three to four chapters). Next, I  rewrite everything but the final climax scenes. For the last two … Continue reading Building the Final Battle

An Update on my Newest Novel – The Cover

Two weeks ago I put up a post asking for your help picking a cover for my new book, Mencken and the Monsters. I’ve been working on the book for almost a year. I knew I wanted to release the book in September. At the end of June I realized that if I was going to meet that goal, I needed to work harder, so … Continue reading An Update on my Newest Novel – The Cover

A Manifesto

Because I have found myself in a rapidly evolving culture, I accept that the institutions, traditions, academically learned philosophies, and behaviors instinctually gleaned from my elders – the rituals and rules around me – may serve as less productive tools than they did for the generations before me. I am aware that  these rituals and rules, while comfortable and safe, might smother, rather than empower … Continue reading A Manifesto

Becoming Writer

WHEN I MET JOE… Two years ago my life was different. I was working as a change agent for a church, helping to found a charter school, and building a unique church community (a “missional neo-monastic community” for all my fellow theology nerds). While this different life was incredibly rewarding, it was also filled with anxiety and self-doubt. Who was I to be leading the principal hiring committee for a progressive … Continue reading Becoming Writer

Publishing Without Permission

Tonight I prepare to break standards and venture into unorthodox territory. I’ve written a novel. It took me a year-and-a-half. Eighteen months of hammering away on my keyboard – creating, editing, deleting, rewriting. It’s been challenging work. The novel isn’t completely done. It’ll never be completely done. I’m learning the truth of Da Vinci’s statement, “Art is never finished, only abandon.” I could continue to … Continue reading Publishing Without Permission