Simon’s Worst Moment (Chapter 30)

What follows is a chapter from the rough draft of Mencken and the Lost Boys. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. This is raw and unedited. Mencken and the Lost Boys will be published in the Fall of 2017. (Featured image by William Stitt on Unsplash) Enjoy!   Simon glanced at the score board. Twenty seconds left and his team was ahead 120 to 22. Simon wasn’t … Continue reading Simon’s Worst Moment (Chapter 30)

Chatting with Ms. Krispen (Chapter Six)

The following story is a rough draft of a chapter in my upcoming novel “Mencken and the Lost Boys.” Please excuse any typos and misspelling. It is just a draft. If you’ve been reading along with these chapters as I’ve been rolling them out, you should know that the character Amar has now become Miriam. The book was a little male heavy. Reviewing the first … Continue reading Chatting with Ms. Krispen (Chapter Six)