The Date

Susan smiled at herself in the mirror.  “Not bad,” she thought.  She gathered her hair into a ponytail and then let it fall around her shoulders again, scrutinizing each style. She couldn’t remember it it was up or down when Brad had asked her out.  She pulled it into a ponytail with her left hand, turned her face to the side, and looked at herself … Continue reading The Date

Anita Dickson’s Memorial – Chapter 6 Rough Draft

“You ready for this?” Joe asked. She wore black slacks and a black sleeveless blouse. Mencken wondered how she was standing the chilly October evening breeze.

Mencken sighed. “Honestly? No.”

They stood outside the Jonestown Community Association building watching the groups of grieving children and parents stream quietly through the doors. The ancient building with its marble steps six two-story Corinthian columns looked more like a Roman temple than a community center. Continue reading Anita Dickson’s Memorial – Chapter 6 Rough Draft

Wrestling with the Violence of God

Saul was a bad king. He was impatient when he should have waited, and he hesitated when he should have advanced. Chapter 15 of 1st Samuel is a dark moment for Saul. He was at war with Israel’s arch-enemy, the Philistines.  He was outgunned and outnumbered. He’d had a few fantastic victories, but no one expected his winning streak to continue and everyone knew this war … Continue reading Wrestling with the Violence of God

Mencken Joins the Baltimore Star

Stepping off the elevator, Mencken’s palms began to sweat as he approached the receptionist’s desk. He jammed his fists into the pockets of his blue jeans and tried to avoid eye-contact with the small woman sitting behind the desk. He remembered the last time he’d seen her. She’d tried to stop him from entering the office and he’d pushed her down. Hope filled his chest to see that she was focused on the computer screen in front of her, typing furiously. Maybe she wouldn’t recognize him. Continue reading Mencken Joins the Baltimore Star